Ghost Hunting

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Ghost Hunting, the story.

All my life I have been interested in the world of ghosts and spirits. About 10 years ago, I learned of a supposed haunted house in an east Texas town called Jefferson. Already in this hamlet it seems that time stopped around the civil war. The air is thick with the past. The Grove House was not lived in and was for sale. I decided to go there with my young daughter at my side armed with a tape recorder. We thought we were ready for anything. The front door was locked so we made our way to the back. It was unlocked and walked in.

It was an 1870’s wooden house with much history and considered to be so haunted that the cafe that used to be there closed and many owners have given up trying to have a peaceful life there.

We walked slowly through, feeling the dank air through the dim closed house light. At times my daughter would tell me she was scared. I would reassure her that it kinda was scary there, but we were safe. She would say she was suddenly cold. I, again, would chime in and say that these old houses are cold. We made our way through the whole house and found nothing; no ladies in white dresses or wet foot prints that started from nowhere. We stood at the front door realizing that the house was just a house; Just a house that looked haunted with it’s old furniture and cobwebbed arches. And then, a sound barreled through the house. It was a loud agonizing women’s scream from what seemed 20 feet away. It was loud and real. We ran out so fast, our feet could barely keep up. Our heart beats leading the way. The whole ordeal caught on tape.

After we felt safe, we listened to the tape and realized just how haunted we really were. Every time Jess said she was scared or cold, we could hear a man’s hum that seemed to revolve around her. We heard what seemed like a lovely lilting voice, almost like a faint negro spiritual, coming through. And of course we heard the scream. It was all there and more. I was curious no more and never the same since.

Shifting now to my song and album name, I have come to see ghosts as metaphors for relationships in our lives. So many times we become ghosts to each other. We see through each other if at all. We connect and disconnect. We come and go from each other as if not there. It can be a sad existence that seems eternal. But, sometimes we do see each other. living ghosts.

Ghost Hunting— the album is mainly about the ghosts of our pasts and the ghosts we live with. I still find hope though in these relationships always knowing that there is a way to reach each other and ourselves.

all words and music by Rahim Quazi

Ghost Hunting, lyrics the song——The song says it seems like so long we’ve been playing the game, ‘can you find me?’, we spend our lives ghost hunting. This song is a direct metaphor for relationships or as actually ghost hunting. I still have the ghost scream from my haunted experience and embedded it in the song. A ghost can actually be heard on my song, Ghost Hunting.

Born on a Sunday lyrics

This song is the story of life told from the point of view form a person that’s already dead, fondly looking back and realizing that they were never really alone. We are born, learn to walk, fall in love, then die all either reaching out or being reached to.

Tiny Flower lyrics

Tiny flowers are the children in this song; children that were abused by a ‘booming giant’. And to heal, the flowers are told to take this love, take this love, take this love.

She Left Me Now lyrics

You know that feeling at a middle school dance when you finally find the courage to dance with the person you like, but it’s the last dance. The whole night was squandered not doing what our hearts wanted. In the song, a man tells his love what he ‘would’ do if he had the chance.

Relax, Believe lyrics

Some words of wisdom. Relax and believe in yourself and what’s real and not always following what seems to be so much better. Keep love and our loved ones close to our hearts and lives.

Manna from Heaven lyrics

My best friend suffered a brain tumor that nearly took his life. I was at his bedside throughout his ordeal and wrote this song. ‘I’ll wait, I’ll wait forever just to see you smile, like manna, manna from heaven falling through’. In a tense time like this, Manna can take many forms; healing, smiles, holding a hand, connecting, any love that comes to bring peace.

Say These Words lyrics

In the style of a 1920’s or 30’s song, I hum and croon my way through ultimately saying ‘hold me close, closer than yesterday, If only I’d hear you say these words’. It’s a little love song from yesterday.

The Things We Do lyrics

A song admitting that we all do questionable things or have the ability to. But, in the end, we should forgive the ones that do the things we do.

All These Days lyrics

It turns out again that it’s the journey where the riches are found. It may be a struggle, but in the end, we are grateful for the long way back.

Dreaming lyrics

This album was written on the heals of a divorce. Dreaming encapsulates what it is to live in the aftermath, the lost dream, the pain, the way out.

I’m Thinking About You lyrics

Friendships sometimes fall apart and when they do, we wonder what happened. There is anger and self searching. But, in the end, we love that person and think about them.

Flying Kites lyrics

Flying kites is a message to all that have suffered. It’s a message that things are sometimes out of control, but when we can, we must pull our string in and fly our kite again. To live again.

If This Is It lyrics

A love song written for my step mother that just passed away this year. She was German and the only line that shows the song is about her is the last two words, my fraulein girl. But for the rest of us, it’s a song about finding a walking partner through life. And when words aren’t enough, the music takes over to paint a picture of pure love.

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