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So you obviously want to SELL your music.

Did you know that all musicians in 2021, have to sell over 3000 “streams”, to make the same amount of money as the sale of one single CD? 

It is rhetorical at this point to acknowledge that the old system of “signing with a big label” is simply not how things work in the current century. If you are connected in the industry, you hear new horror stories every day.  Did you know that no major label will even consider you until you have already sold over a million units on your own? Let’s get real. There are more people making music these days, than there are people who just listen to music.

Making Music is One Thing. The Music Business is a completely different  thing!

How does an artist, band, orchestra get noticed and sell? Simply put: most successful musicians hire a professional to create their own website, to promote and sell their own music. YOU keep the profits, not anybody else! And this is where we can help you!

We are very experienced at creating websites and surrounding social media, made specifically to sell recordings and merch, to list your live performance dates, offer pics and videos and more. Having your own website is having your own store, your own PR firm, and more. You do not wait around for things to happen. You MAKE them happen. You sell your music. You promote you.

We offer all that to all musicians. Want to be in control of your destiny? We set things up and let you roll with it! Go to ALL TEXAS MEDIA at and contact us from that website.

Producer Mark welcomes you to, The Best Little Website in Texas! We love all the kinds, styles, genres and types of music made in Texas. Do you? We SPECIALIZE in helping YOU get your music heard and purchased! Click here to see how!

All Texas Music has been online for decades, changing with trends in music production and sales. Visit our Facebook page with over 16K followers.

Check out our music store! Our music store online reflects our CD Period, where you can still hear all recordings, streaming, per artist, for FREE. Please Support an artist and buy their CD!

Did you know that all musicians in 2021, have to sell over 3000 “streams”, to make the same amount of money as the sale of one single CD? 

The music business has changed drastically. Therefore, signing with “record labels” has become obsolete, as has terrestrial radio, and “top ten lists”. They are meaningless in this century. On the upside, we are very glad that vinyl made a comeback, for people who care about audio quality.

In current times, we help all musicians create their own sales via branding, and marketing via their own websites, and social media outreach and advertising. This is how musicians keep their sales profits going directly to them. Let us show you how! Email and visit for details! If you wish to place your recording here for extra exposure, email .

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